Chief Executive Officer 

Aaron King, Founder

Country: Saint Lucia

Education: Bsc, BA                 Occupation: Accountant


How important has football been in your life?

"Football has been extremely important in my life. It was really my way of staying out of trouble growing up in Saint Lucia and also a way of dealing with alot of everyday life struggles. Football is my Joy." 



Board of Directors


The Free Kick Foundation Board of Directors represents a diverse group of leaders from various industries, who are dedicated to the foundation's mission.

Canarissa Elliot-Creece

Country: United States

Education: MA Counseling-Mental Health                 

Occupation: Clinical Mental Health Counselor


How important has football been in your life?

"Playing sports was instrumental in my personal development. I learned fundamental skills, like team building and work ethic, that continue to carry me through this journey. I am grateful to the coaches who inspired me to be the best person that i can be."

Felipe Lobelo 

Country: Colombia

Education: M.D. Phd                 Occupation: Professor


How important has football been in your life?

"Football was huge in my upbringing. Early on it gave me an opportunity to develop early physical skills and enhance my self-confidence. I felt safe and happy playing at home, in the park, or in the streets. Football has also been instrumental in my mental and emotional development growing up and still is, that's why I still play today. I love the sport and look forward to passing on, this passion, to my kids."

Edwin Lawrence (Treasurer)

Country: Saint Lucia

Education: Bsc                       Occupation: Financial Analyst


How important has football been in your life?

"Football is life. Football has given me so much. "

Derek Arnaud (Secretary)

Country: Trinidad & Tobago

Education: MS Health               Occupation: Educator


How important has football been in your life?

"Growing up in Trinidad, football was very important because it showed me that hard work is the answer for anyone seeking positive outcomes from life. I believe sporting experiences should almost always benefit one's life ."