Francis Daniel

Country: Saint Lucia

Occupation: Electrical Engineer

Position: Vice-President - Saint Lucia Chapter


Siobhan Lloyd

Country: Saint Lucia           

Occupation: Attorney 

Position: Vice-President - Fundraising & Community Outreach


Rohan Lubon 

Country: Saint Lucia

Occupation: High School Principal

Position: Vice-President - Education Strategy

Marvan Pilgrim

Country: United States

Occupation: Property Manager

Position: Vice-President - Marketing and Public Relations

Hippolyte Eustace "Chinie" Vitalis

Country: Saint Lucia

Occupation: St. Lucia Ambassador to PetroCaribe, ALBA

Position: Vice-President - Youth Strategy


Ersher Delauney-Daniel

Country: Saint Lucia

Occupation: Events Consultant 

Position: Director - Events & Programs

Natashae King

Country: United States

Occupation: Claims Consultant

Position: Director - US Corporate Fundraising & Social Media


Sheldon Mitchel

Country: St. Lucia

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Position: Director - Hosting & Logistics



Roberto Baptise

Country: Haiti

Occupation: FIFA Match Agent

Position: Director - Tournaments


Don Leogal

Country: Dominica

Occupation: Administrator

Position: Director - Dominica Chapter