Earl Jean




Country: Saint Lucia

Position: Football

Position: Striker / Forward


Professional Teams:  U.D. Oliveirense (Portugal)

                 C.F.União de Coimbra  (Portugal)

                 Leça F.C.  (Portugal)

                 FC Felgueiras (Portugal)

                 Rotherham United F.C. (England)

                 Plymouth Argyle F.C. (England)

                 W Connection F.C. (Trinidad) 



 Professional App: 239 (131 goals)

How long has sports, or football in particular, been a part of your life? 

"Football has been part of my life since the age of 7. It’s been 37 years since I started and 25 years since turning pro. So, that’s essentially my entire life."

What impact did youth football have on your life?

"Youth football was very important in my development. I started with primary school football, which earned me a spot on the U-16 title-winning St.Lucia national team, in 1987. Youth football also gave me the foundation that I needed.  I remembered my school teachers using football as motivation for us. If you didn’t do well, then you didn’t play. So it was a healthy start for us as children."

How do you think your life would have turned out without football?

"I’m not too sure but I thank god for the ability to play different sports. I was always ambitious and had big dreams. I can’t thank the almighty enough for blessing me with this wonderful talent, allowing me to live the life of a professional footballer and travel the world enjoying every single minute of my dream. God is good!"

Give an example of how your youth training in football, helped you through a real life challenge.

"I learnt a lot of important life skills through my youth training including being helpful to others and mental strength. During my playing days in England, I remembered working with families who faced a difficult time with drug abuse and imprisonment. At first, it was a tough challenge race-wise, but we made it through together and formed an incredible bond, which I cherish to this day."  

Can you name one person who has influenced your life growing up? and how?

"Wow. There are so many people who have influenced my life growing up, it would be unfair to name one. In my family, I can name my Dad, Mom, brothers, sister, Allison Jean my sister in law. Then in football life, I can call on Leslie Nelson (Coach Ras Izly), Coach Walter, David John Williams, Coach Stuart Charles Fevrier, who really encouraged me and motivated me to be the person that I am today. Also, I can name my good friend Doug Nicholas, who really keep me grounded. There are so many others including from my former club VBCC and my school teacher Ron Isaac. As you can see, there were a lot of people who had a hand in molding me into what I am today."

What's the best advice you got growing up? and from whom?

"The best advice came from my mentor and coach, Stuart Charles Fevrier, when he told me to be the best that I can be but stay humble. It was really easy to accept that advice because I saw how he lived it every day." 

What are your thoughts on the Free Kick Foundation?

I believe it’s always a great thing, when there are causes which go towards improving lives. For that I say, blessings always to Free Kick Foundation and they will always have my support with their work.