Free Kick High School Scholarship program


General Requirements

1. Must provide verification of High School enrollment

2. Must provide proof of residence

3. Must provide proof of economic need

4. Must be an active member of any of the affiliated football academies 

   or sports club

5. Two(2)reference letters (Family members are not allowed as references)



1. Assistance with school books

2. Assistance with school accessories and stationary

3. Assistance with school uniforms 



Requirements for maintaining your scholarship

1. Must maintain a "B" or higher overall academic average

2. Must maintain an outstanding disciplinary record at your school

3. Continue to prove economic need.








Please submit or mail your completed application and other required documents to: 



Free Kick Foundation                            

Attn: Natashae Ravenae               

P.O.Box 23                                            







Note: Scholarships will be awarded the the 2020-21 academic year. 

         DEADLINE : JULY 15, 2020